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Isn't rock 'n' roll dead ? NO.


“But Craig, isn’t rock ‘n’ roll dead ?”


Turns out that our Edmonton heroes, The Provincial Archive, are reincarnated proof.

Back as a three-piece, having said good bye to Ryan Podlubny and Nathan Burge, new single ‘Bad Connection’ finds them in fine, punching form.  Singer and guitarist Craig Schram, and drummer Bramwell Park, have been joined by new bassist Stephen Tchir and they’ve been busy putting new material together.

The first resulting release is constantly re-playable rock’n’roll fun: grubby, woozy bass and guitars; irresistible, battering drums; “yeah, yeah, yeah”s.  I don’t know if there are handclaps in there somewhere – given how much I have been enjoying this, it’s highly likely.

There’s not a lot more needs saying. Just get ON it.

And keep an eye out for the EP – coming soon.