Track: Naarm/Melbourne shoegazers Keaper dazzle with the brilliance of ‘Alone’ on news of the release of their debut album ‘Waking Dream’ and self-curated music festival.

Feature Photograph: Papermoon Projects

With a wash of guitars and a dreamy delivery, ‘Alone’, the new single from Naarm/Melbourne outfit Keaper, is a shimmering glowing track that provides evidence of this band’s songwriting prowess. The track is off their debut album ‘Waking Dream’ scheduled for 8 March.

Singer Amaya says of the song:

It’s about daring to be different and authentic, potentially challenging the status quo and coming to terms with standing alone in that space. That’s conveyed in the empowering energy of the music as well.

The track, recorded by Callum Edwards at Sing Sing Studios and mixed by guitarist Austin del Rio, comes with a dynamic and charming video showing the band performing and larking about in an aquatic environment with a thirsty vampire – fitting themes for the ambulatory tones of the song. Ameya says:

After releasing many reflective and meaningful music videos, we wanted to make a fun and silly one. By juxtaposing visual influences such as Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse with a “school play” style set design, we could make it both childlike as well as strange and supernatural.

Shot by Ramsay Waterhouse / Papermoon Projects and edited by Ameya, the video is intended to encapsulate (the band’s) personality with quirky and overly expressive acting, DIY set designs and frame-by-frame hand drawn animation.

The overall package is quirky, whimsical and fun for a track that has shoegaze genes and a bright sparkle, interwoven with just a dash of melancholia.

‘Alone’ is out today and available to stream and download here.

You can catch Keaper live curating their own festival in March – details below.

Feature Photograph: Papermoon Projects

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