Album Review: Key Out – Anthropomorphia

Key Out are proving to be one of the more exciting bands in Sydney – even the world – at the moment and this is never evident than in their new album ‘Anthropomorphia’. It is brimful of shimmering guitars and songs that seems to perfectly reflect the bright blue summer skies of Sydney. Skies that cover a vast suburban sprawl where not everything is perfect: shiny and bright with a dark heart. Key Out perfect superglue-like melodies and guitars that range from fuzz walls of noise to delicate jingle jangle sparkles with poetic and beautifully crafted lyrics.

Opening with ‘Buildings’, Key Out launches into their unique style – a humming rhythm section that provides a spine to the delicate fragility of singer Patrick Haid’s soft vocals and beautiful lyrics. ‘Chorus’ is another track with a deep, yearning tone that is evocative and melodic.

There is a style that could be classed as shoegaze or dream pop, and yet Key Out consistently prove they have more arrows in their quiver. ‘Bird’, for example, is a delicate and fragile piece that is imbued with an observational beauty that recalls classics like ‘Cattle and Cane’ from fellow Australians The Go-Betweens. It’s that good:

The last bird was staring out at the place

We used to stay

It’s different, the city’s changed so much

and I wanted to say

the sky felt so big I couldn’t breath

way high above the trees beneath the jets

It stretches this greying land of fear

Their shiny new machines

that we call home

I wrote earlier this year about Key Out’s single ‘Stray’, noting its pure shoegaze drone and yearning tones:

‘True’ has distant reflections of ‘The Lemonheads’ – that low-fi earnestness and purity of expression, but with far more subtlety and poise.

Of course, there is the shoegaze – ‘Fire’ could fit comfortably in any My Bloody Valentine album with its rush of slightly discordant guitars and wall of noise.

Final track, ‘Echolocation’ is a fitting farewell to an incredible album. With gorgeous, crisp acoustic guitars and subtle strings, the vocals are achingly beautiful – I see every sound.

‘Anthropomorphia’ is a stunning album: elegant and poised with a shimmering sheen and sense of deep connection to the geography it was created in. In this album, Key Out have proven themselves as good as any of their contemporary Australians that are currently making a global impact. This is band that deserves great recognition for a close to perfect album.

The album was self-recorded and mixed and mastered by the legendary Wayne Connolly (Underground Lovers, Youth Group, You am I and Died Pretty amongst others) who adds keyboards. Out today through Half a Cow Records, you can get it through the normal download/streaming sites or through the link below:

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