The pop-punk survivors have reached 25 years of clever lyrics and palm muted guitars. Fresh from the double success of their sold out UK tour they have headed into the studio to celebrate by releasing a series of covers.

After covering Suicide Machines – “Sometimes I don’t Mind” the band turned their unique interpretations to the Eagles classic hit, “Already Gone” from the 1974 album ‘On The Border’. Frontman Jaret Reddick had this to say, “I learned to sing in the back of the car. You know that scene in National Lampoons Vacation, where the parents are singing non stop? Well, that was my life.”A lot of time was spent listening to Waylon and Willie, Neil Diamond, and of course, The Eagles! I credit my parents, and The Eagles for teaching me to harmonize”.

Gone are the intricate harmony guitars and in place are the punk stabs of guitar and heavier riffing. The chorus is still joyful and big. It’s like they took all the self indulgent widdling of guitar lead work and solos smashed it to bits with a pop-punk sledge hammer and left the epic sound that punches rather than tickles.

The band sound grown up which is not surprising after 25 years but they still sound relevant and still offering up some great sounding music. Why change the formula.

Check it out, here.