The London band Pozi have announced the release of their new EP on 8th May via PRAH Recordings. Titled 176 its their first new music since the release of debut album PZ1 less than 12 months ago.

First single comes in the form of the bass heavy track called Whitewashing. Think The Jam with Ian Dury on vocals. The song is all about being cornered on a motorway journey with an old friend, feeling trapped and uncomfortable in the passenger seat as they unexpectedly try to impose their bigoted views upon you. Its disturbing in parts with Rosa’s violin sounding more paranoid as the seconds tick by. Thankfully Pozi have a cracking rhythm section which mimics that no doubt monotonous delightful journey and propels the song onwards.

“We wanted to start fully utilising Rosa’s voice as, adjacent to the other vocals, it really adds another layer to our music. Much of the jamming sessions were spent working around a way to weave this into the sound we’d already created,” explains vocalist / drummer Toby Burroughs. “As we’re all singers and writers, if someone has something that they want to say in a song, it’s great for us to be able to share the lead vocal around.”

Pozi are a must in your life simply because they are daring to do away with the standard 6 strings in favour of four. The fantastic rhythm section and swirling violin will make Whitewashing your next favourite track.

Check it out, here.