DVD Review: The Haunting Of Black Wood

I’ll open this review with a confession: Apart from confusing snatches whilst trying to eat my tea, I’ve never seen Lost. That said, I do enjoy something a bit different. I really enjoyed Josh Whedon’s The Cabin in the Woods and love watching something that’s a bit off the beaten track. Whilst The Haunting Of Black Wood may have a fairly standard genre title, there’s nothing ordinary about Jack Heller’s film.

Samantha (Katherine Waterston) gets lost after breaking down and finds a cabin in the woods. She bumps into Tom (Scott Eastwood who is in the same situation after a car crash. When Jody (Sara Paxton) arrives on their doorstep, something seems to be not right. Despite all their efforts to leave, they keep ending up back at the hut.

What makes The Haunting of Black Wood such a clever film is how well handled it is by Heller. This is reinforced by some good acting performances. Waterston particularly stands out, but all three leads ensure that the intrigue and tension keeps you guessing about what’s going to happen next. Ignore the title, as this is no horror film. It’s all about the mystery, and Heller’s impressive outing keeps you guessing until the end.

(trailer contains spoilers)
The Haunting of Black Wood is released by DVD by Metrodome on February 2.

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