Matt Hart is somewhat of a new face in the London industrial scene. Despite having a fair few releases under his belt things are starting to pick up momentum now with bigger live shows and more music on the way. We caugh up with Matt for a little insider info and to see what’s going on.


So, what’s new?

Oh you know, writing the new album, flying high from a wicked show playing keys with Grendel, looking forward to planning the next show I have and the release of a new single.

What are the challenges recreating that on the live stage?

It’s actually quite simple. The backing tracks are prepared minus the vocals and guitars and we rehearse hard to get the sound tight.

As an accomplished musician, how did you arrive at vocals as your instrument of choice?

As I went about the writing process it fell naturally to me to add my own vocals to the tracks and then deciding to bring the music to stage I felt i wanted to front the music I was performing.

What are you aiming to achieve with your own artistic expression?

I’m aiming to tell a story. The story of Chaos Rising from my debut EPs was about how the future is controlled by the machines and humanity is on its last legs trying to survive. With the forthcoming release it’ll be a similar vibe but with a look back at past stories of our world, significant historical events and the way the world has changed.

What’s your process for creating music?

It usually begins in a coffee shop on my laptop! Nothing analogue just the drums and synths stored within Logic. I then take those tracks and add guitars and vocals and then tinker with the mix and arrangements. Going forward I now have an engineer who has taken of the mix and master process. Quite a weight off my shoulders, allowing me to be more creative with my time.

What are you listening to at the moment?

New 3TEETH and Rammstein, a lot of Grendel and a splattering of other artists the I have on my DJ playlist rotation.

What do you want to achieve with music? What are your dream goals?

I’m trying to get to a point where I can hold my own headlining a tour…. well realistically right now I’m just enjoying putting out a quality product and playing live shows to people who love the music I’m creating.

Any good/bad tour stories?

Not yet. Hopefully soon though!

What one sentence do you want on your headstone?



So there you have it, Matt Hart giving us the low down on everything Matt Hart.

You can get further info and music right here:

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