Track: Farai – Rebirth Remixed

Bankers are gangsters” – that was the immortal line that beckoned listeners to the works of Farai late last year, as Big Dada released the producers work, Rebirth, to critical acclaim.

“National Gangsters” happened to be one of the stand out tracks among the admittedly many great songs Farai and producer TONE dropped on their release, so it should come as no surprise that it is one of two tracks that has been remixed and repackaged for further consumption.

Rebirth Remixed boasts Brazillian producer LYZZA‘s utter transformation of “National Gangsters” while London based experimental collective CURL have reworked “This Is England.”

Both tracks have done certainly more than enough to make the tracks completely different entities in their own right – in particular, “This Is England” will no doubt warrant more attention to CURL, who haven’t so much remixed the track but just completely torn it apart and remade it in their own, grisly, despondent vision.

Rebirth Remixed is out now.

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