Track: Shakota Shares Vibrant New Single ‘TOO FAST’

Sitting between bedroom-pop and alternative-indie, Shakota’s vibrant new single ‘TOO FAST’ possessing a warming lo-fi aura akin to the likes of Westerman juxtaposed with the indie brightness of early Bombay Bicycle Club to create a strikingly unique summery, easy going listen.

Catchy and full of energy, the tracks mix of dappled synths and electronics, bright guitar lines and tight drums is contrasted by the understated, ultra-chill, melancholic vocal delivery resulting in a track with an effortlessly cool edge reminiscent of Mira Masa’s R.Y.C. As ‘TOO FAST’ progresses, a swaying, jazz tinted middle-8 enters, breaking up the up tempo indie energy of the tracks main theme and showcasing the range of musical influences within Shakota’s music.

Despite the incessant energy and vibrance, the stylistic choice to have no bass on the track gives it a unique sense of space and breeziness. Speaking about the track, Shakota explains: “I wanted to experiment with two completely different sections, I think it creates a really interesting contrast.”

Listen below:

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