News: DiLisio Blends Blues & Alt-Rock On New Album ‘Slither’ 

Mark Jeffries, the Pittsburgh-based singer/songwriter behind the solo project DiLisio, has unleashed his third album, ‘Slither,’ showcasing his explosive vocals and talent for crafting infectious rock ‘n roll love songs.

With ‘Slither’, DiLisio sets out to pay homage to his disco hero from the late ’70s, George McCrae, all while staying true to his garage and alt-blues roots. This 10-track masterpiece seamlessly fuses indie-rock and neo-soul, boasting a sleek production courtesy of Matt Very and highlighting DiLisio’s distinctive signature sound.

The album opens with the passionate and romantic declaration of ‘She’s So Fine’, perfectly capturing DiLisio’s unique blend of bluesy soul and alternative rock. Following suit is the previously released single ‘Unicorn’, a suave and funk-fueled track that oozes with charisma.

Demonstrating his versatility, DiLisio dives into a spoken word-esque vocal delivery accompanied by a jazz-infused soundscape in the fourth track, aptly titled ‘The Rhyme’. It’s a showcase of his artistic range and creativity.

DiLisio then takes a gentle turn, revealing his softer side with two captivating and emotionally-charged songs that bridge the album together: ‘Son of the House’ and ‘Great Wight North’.

The album draws to its final portion with the most recent single, ‘Honey Butter’, a sweet love song penned by DiLisio for his wife, further showcasing his songwriting prowess and heartfelt sentiment. Bringing the album to a poignant conclusion, DiLisio presents ‘Youth Is Wasted On The Young’, a reflective and yet hopeful offering that serves as the perfect climax for the entire album.

Throughout ‘Slither,’ DiLisio impresses with his ability to seamlessly blend genres, delivering an album that pays homage to his influences while carving out his own unique musical path. With its polished production, memorable hooks, and DiLisio’s electrifying vocals, this album is a testament to his artistry and stands as a shining example of his musical evolution.

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