Track: Matilda Bond Shares The Soulful, Vibing Beauty ‘Meet Me In The Middle’

Matilda Bond shines on the atmospheric, vibtrant and swelling new single ‘Meet Me In The Middle’.

Blending indie-pop tendencies with Soul and Jazz, the single offers a rich musical experience with layers of vibrant brass, modulated guitar lines, deep bopping bass, twinkling keys and swaying drum beats. Topped with Matilda’s haunting, silky, airy lead vocals, the track is given a central focus.

Effortlessly beautiful with the giant sound the band produce, awash with atmospheric reverbs and wide, cinematic production, the music is pulled ever forwards by Matilda’s intoxicating lead which weaves in among the musical melodies. At times understated and reflective and others expressive and soaring the track is a stunning example of modern jazz.

Speaking about the single, they say: “‘Meet Me In The Middle’ is a song about feeling like a bad friend. It focuses on my struggle to be in two places at once and my hope that the closest people in my life still hold space for me in the moments when I can’t be present in our relationship. It speaks to the difficulty of balancing everything in life and still finding back to each other after a long period of silence.

‘Meet Me In The Middle’ is me asking that my loved ones keep me in their mind when I don’t have the mental space to communicate, and an explanation that even when I am in a bad place, they are still a massive part of who I am and are always in my mind.

It is written in the hopes that we figure it out together and meet somewhere in the middle.”

A stunning offering bursting with vibrant ideas and stunning performances, ‘Meet Me In The Middle’ is as infectiously breezy and likeable as it is transportive and elegant.

Listen below:

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