EP Review: Matilda Bond – Home For 24 Hours

The Breakdown


A beautiful blend of jazz tendencies, soulful-pop melodies and an indie-post-punk freshness, Matilda Bond’s new EP ‘Home For 24 Hours’ is truly fascinating.

From the off with ‘Charm’, the EP quickly introduces with swaying jazz infused sound that resonates across the EP. Tight swinging drums, delicious and elegant guitar and bass licks, airy reverb tinted brass and swelling piano and synths create an etherial, intricate backdrop from Matila Bond’s soaring, silky and effortlessly infectious lead vocal. Vibrant, catchy and yet strikingly alternative, Bond’s sound is truly breathe taking, layered and beautifully constructed.

Elsewhere on the EP, ‘Meanwhile’ shuffles it’s way through a Kid A-esque (Radiohead) chord progression as Bond’s effortlessly captivating vocal glides above the swelling synth heavy soundscape. As the track progresses, it enters a brilliant atmospheric climax as reverb, modulation and delay tinted backing vocals, brass and volume swelled guitars dance around the driving drums.

‘Long Last’ continues this approach, capturing a unique sonic approach that fits somewhere between jazz and chillout it a stunning cacophony of atmospheric textures. ‘Meet Me In The Middle’ again shines a light on Matilda’s ability to create alternative, beautiful Alt-Jazz soundscapes whilst leaning into her nu-soul-indie-pop tendencies – full of brilliant, thoughtful musicianship and otherworldly sound choices whilst still delivering accessible, ear-worm melodies.

Closing with ‘I’ll Wait’, the EP ends on a high with a vibing tune which leans further into Bond’s R&B influences.

On the new release, Matilda explains: “This EP is an invitation into my ‘Home For 24 Hours’. So many of the emotions I have experienced over the last year have been condensed into these 21 minutes. ‘Home For 24 Hours’ depicts loss, love, hopelessness, desire, worry and warmth. Every song has been a means to reach out to loved ones (my friends, my family, my partner, music or myself) with words that aren’t always easy to say. The old family photographs that have translated into cover arts make this EP all the more close to home for me.

Stepping into any person’s ‘Home For 24 Hours’ would give you a huge insight into their current state, their wants, worries or woes and I wanted to explore that notion throughout this EP. How does it look to live in my ‘Home For 24 Hours’? It doesn’t always make for the most cohesive experience, this emotional roller coaster that we have created, but it feels like a true expression of my recent self.”

An astounding 5 track release track showcases the endless potential this up and comer had, ‘Home For 24 Hours’ is truly breath taking. Obviously with it’s Jazz influences and meandering atmospheric instrumental sections, it’s not for everyone, but for me, the skill, musical understanding and artist depth on show makes this a must listen.

Listen below:

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