Track: Nashville Phil Shares Unlikely Christmas Single ‘Swerve Me Again’

London-based, enigmatic character Nashville Phil has released the unlikely yet nonetheless enjoyable new single ‘Swerve Me Again.’

Although admittedly a little tuneless and unbalanced, the track’s vibrantly funny, unexpectedly explicit storytelling lyricism carries it throughout as Phil regales all the various ill-advised endeavors that led to him being added to the naughty list. Distorted guitars and a 12-bar blues structure fill out the track’s instrumental backdrop, while twinkling xylophone adds a Christmasy edge under Phil’s rough, gravelly, half-spoken vocal style.

While this isn’t a song you’re likely to ever hear on the radio, it’s a fun, dark, and witty track tainted with a smirking humbug spirit (that I can get behind, having just come back from some Christmas shopping).

Speaking about the track, Nashville Phil explains: “It’s a song about a guy who isn’t deserving of a visit from Santa Claus on account of his habitual bad behavior. It’s a fun track; nobody I’ve played it for hasn’t cracked a smile. It’s also an attempt to grab a piece of the (extremely lucrative for some) Christmas-themed playlists!”

Listen below:

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