Track: Brighton’s aptly named Thrillhouse are back with another brilliant track in ‘Where The Roads Don’t Go’

Brighton’s slightly mysterious but highly talented musicians, Thrillhouse, are back with another very finely crafted indie pop offering – ‘Where The Roads Don’t Go’ – that confirms their status as one of the most seriously underappreciated bands around at the moment.

Thrillhouse has not easily definable style but it is a style that is unique and highly enjoyable, borne from an innate sense of rhythm and melody mixed in with an arch style and a sense of irreverent humour. Close neighbours on the musical block may be Talking Heads – there is that same level of liquidity of movement in the music, a sense of restlessness and constant movement.

Whatever the connections, Thrillhouse have a very recognisable and unique style of their own that makes them stand out in a very crowded field.

According to the band, ‘Where The Roads Don’t Go’ is song about that brief but beautiful moment after you’ve finally come out of being in a bad place and things start to seem alright again:

It was written just as I was coming out of having a real stinker of year and things started to look up. Hopefully it captures that joy. Then lockdown hit. Great.

You can listen to and stream ‘Where The Roads Don’t Go’ through the link below.

What is most daunting (as a reviewer) but highly impressive is that Thrillhouse have announced they will be releasing a new song every month in 2021. Given their past form – an ability to consistently produce immeasurably entertaining fare in a cavalier manner – this means we have a lot to look forward to. The delivery of an album and live shows remain uncharted territory. Someone should get this band out of their bedrooms and sign them up. Go and check out their top ten favourite tracks as revealed to Backseat Mafia back in September 2020.

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