Meet: Q & A with 3TEETH

3TEETH ,The shadowy Los Angeles four piece making a big sound with their take on industrial, took some time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions about the process behind writing material, physical media in the digital age and a few other things.

3TEETH seems to be about more than just music, you’ve created some great subversive imagery. Rather than having an anti-authority stance like old school punk though10150560_283890898402405_118386215_n you seem to be more interested in pointing out the “evils” in society as a whole whether it be capitalism, religion, the herd mentality or something else, is 3TEETH intended to open people’s eyes to the “real” world?

I think up until recently music always carried meaning, density and purpose. Like a polysemic mirror to our environment, it has helped individuals look further inside themselves and draw their own respective meanings.  We’re just serving up some heavy reflections of the world de jour.   That being said, we’re certainly not here to tell you what the “real’ world is as only you can tell yourself that. We are however intending on “culture jamming” the shit out the hegemony that is trying to tell you what the “real” world is.  Think of us as guerrilla ontologists.

What’s your approach when it comes to actually writing material, do lyrics come before or after, do you get together or is it more a case of communicating via e-mail and sending each other ideas you’re working on and seeing what works?

1796549_280746315383530_1755677697_nLyrics typically come first but there’s been a couple songs where that wasn’t the case.  As far as process goes, we try and get together as much as possible as this is our first album and we’ve really been defining and refining our writing process as a band.   It’s pretty crazy how many songs we made that didn’t make it on the album, not because they weren’t good enough but because we were trying to craft a coherent narrative.

Your limited edition splatter vinyl of your upcoming debut release sold out way in advance of its June 2014 release date, were you surprised by the demand?

Surprised and honored. It pretty much restored our faith in humanity that people still buy music out there.

Speaking of the limited edition vinyl, you’ve also included a tooth shaped USB drive full of remixes along with 10013312_284414181683410_1344454721_nthe vinyl. Do you like seeing what other artists can do reworking your material?

Yeah all the remixes were really great and we’re fortunate enough to have so many talented artist friends who were excited to rework our material. We love putting out content and it was a real challenge  while we’re so focused on writing the album, so the remixes really helped maintain mindshare with our audience during that time.

 Whilst utilising social media and the likes of Youtube and Soundcloud to connect with music fans and post imagery you’re also clearly focussed on physical media for delivering your music, whether it’s CD or vinyl. Do you think being able to utilise both the digital platform and having physical media is the key to actually making an impact for musicians now?

Absolutely, there is so much disposable music out there and the physical media definitely helps foster a sense of permanency as  tactile sensation carries its own sense of gravitas. That being said, just because you put it on vinyl doesn’t mean people think its important. I think its the passionate and pervasive message that is key to making the real impact as an artist.

You’re set to appear at Terminus Festival, are you going to be incorporating your imagery into your live show and what can people expect from 3TEETH live?

We will most certainly be incorporating imagery into our live show and that’s all we’ll be saying about that for now.

The debut 3TEETH album is set to appear June from Artofact Records, they will be appearing at Terminus Festival.

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