Track: The Fuzzy Nerds – ‘Grasshopper’: Greek post-rock nugget gets a new video

The Fuzzy Nerds

WHAT do we know of The Fuzzy Nerds. the band whose excellently quietLOUDquiet song, “Grasshopper”, we’re taking a look at herein?

Not absolutely loads, we’ll freely admit, but a scour of the reference library reveals thus, quoted directly:

“The Fuzzy Nerds was a post-alternative and a quite experimental indie rock band active for 20 years, with 13 official releases, hundreds of live appearances and [who] shared the stage with lots of worldwide critically acclaimed bands and artists, from 1994 to 2014. They were nerds living in Nerdland and they loved it.

“Formed in 1994 in Ioannina, Greece, by Andreas and Petros Vyzoukis (guitars and vocals), along with Kostas Dimitriou on drums (in the first original line-up), with other musicians on drums and bass, their first recording [was] a demo containing 19 of their songs, which, however, was never completed.

“‘Grasshopper’ was written in 1999 in London on a brand new eight-track in a dull old British house, like those they usually rent to foreign students.

It was recorded live at Vision Of Sound studio in 2000 to be included in the same year in the second limited edition Fuzzy Nerds album, A Thought About Princes, a handmade wallet CD release, sold out in a few days.”

What can we draw from the track? It’s a pretty cool essay in post-rock à la early Mogwai and early Bark Psychosis, guitars crashing with sweet abandon. It’s been resurrected with a new video, and released as a digital single over at Bandcamp, where it comes twinned with a demo version of the 1997 track “Vs.”.

It’s also included on a résumé of The Fuzzy Nerds’ work, The Fuzzy Nerds Are Dead (1994-2014) Vol. Ι album, the first of the four-part work that ended the band’s journey in September of 2014; which, cunningly, you can find, along with a full digital catalogue of the band’s ouevre at that selfsame Bandcamp page.

Feel the need to explore some Greek post-rock, bring some new tunes to your life? Here’s as good an opportunity as you’ll get.

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