Track: Anna Smyrk says ‘I Don’t Want To Meet Your Mother’ in a vibrant musical version of a sparkler. Plus tour news.

Melbourne artist Anna Smyrk has an exquisite ability to match a muscular indie pop instrumentation with her melodic vocals that are filled with witty, self-deprecatory observations on the human condition. ‘I Don’t Want To Meet Your Mother’ fulfills all expectations: it is a bright vivacious track with an iron spine and a velvet skin. The lyrics are delivered with a sardonic glint in the eye that captures the mundane vicissitudes of existence with an SLR camera precision and depth:

Hanging around in our little town
We got nothing to do, we just drive in my Ford Laser
It’s getting too cold to have the windows down
You’re not as funny as I thought you were in summer

This is the end, but we pretend
Cos no one wants to say

The tinge of melancholy contrasts with the bright and bubbly vocals and the thumping rhythms. Smyrk says of the track:

I wrote this song thinking back to my first relationships. I grew up in a small town but I had all these big dreams. I didn’t want to get tied down to any one person or place. So I always kept a wall up, I didn’t want to accidentally find myself in too deep to get out.

She is a compelling songwriter creating vibrant, animated pop with brains and a heart.

‘I Don’t Want To Meet Your Mother’ is available to download and stream here and through the link below.

You can catch Smyrk live in the coming months – details below.

Newstead Live, Vic
20-23 January

Brunswick Artists Bar, Vic
Sunday 19 February
Matinee Show
Doors: 4pm
Free entry

Tanswells Beechworth, Vic
Saturday 25 February
Doors: 8pm

Port Fairy Folk Festival, Vic
 March 10-13

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