Fake Turins is the 10 piece North London audio-visual collective led by Dominic Rose. Their new single is out tomorrow (June 10th) and ahead of it we are delighted to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia.

Legs is a commentary on the movement our bodies make, despite what might be going on in our heads. So despite mental health, our bodies are still compelled to move, drifting backwards and forwards despite this stasis.

Built on this repeated lick that has you just tripping over yourself as it sort of strides on in 7 time, throwing you just off kilter. Added to it are elements of jazz and Indian music, splashes of Clarinet here and warm chords there. Over the top is this spoken word, almost chanted at points, but always ‘performed’. If it doesn‘t make you move, it’ll make you think.

Cue more compelled movement. Check it out, here