See: Bloody Your Hands! share ‘Checked Out’ from upcoming album ‘Sunday Scaries’

New York pop punk outfit Bloody Your Hands are set release their latest album on 28th August and have now shared the latest song from this upcoming release, ‘Checked Out’ is a fest of all that is great about this genre, it doesn’t pretend to anything other than a bounce along song with verses to shout along to, but that also has a message that the band feel needs to be pushed out there.

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“This is a song about hating my job (a classic punk theme),” said member Jameson Edwards. “But it’s bigger than that. It calls bullshit on the philosophy I was taught about adulthood, employment and happiness. ‘Do what you love and it won’t seem like work.’ Nice sentiment but in most cases it’s total BS. Things that make us happy tend not to pay well. There’s generally too much of a focus on careers in this country anyway. Our society incentivizes us to become really good at one thing. As if getting really good at something wasn’t hard enough – you now have to make sure that thing is the thing you want to do – the ONLY thing you want to do – for the rest of your life. What happened to the jack of all trades?

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