Track: Syrup, Go On! – Don’t Go (Riding Down The Cosmic Drain)

Yet another blast of creativity from Queensland gets launched to day with the release of the single ‘Don’t Go (Riding Down The Cosmic Drain)’ by the psychedelic upstarts, Gold Coast’s Syrup, Go On!. The title of the song tells you everything: this is a psych-infused stop/start sparkling brilliance surely fueled by substances you wouldn’t want your Mum to know you were imbibing.

The accompanying video, replete with a trigger warning, is fittingly surreal:

This is a delightful dream pop anthem with a twist and augers well for yet another northern Australian band with a bright future. You can get the single here.

Syrup, Go On! are launching the single tonight (Australian time) at the Milk Factory in Brisbane.

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