Track: The Nagging Doubts release double single Berlin/Marine ahead of EP release

Sydney band The Nagging Doubts are developing quite a reputation fresh out of high school – they have worked with Nic Dalton from the iconic Half a Cow Records and have now collaborated with the legendary producer Wayne Connolly (Underground Lovers, The Vines, You Am I, Youth Group) on their forthcoming EP entitled ‘Autocalm’. As a delicious taster of things to come, the band has just released a brilliant double single of the tracks ‘Berlin’ and ‘Marine’. It is quite clear why they’ve caught the ear of such illustrious producers.

And it is really exciting stuff too.

‘Berlin’ is arctic and sparkling: jangling, chiming guitars that have all the brilliance of classic shimmering dream pop with urgent post punk vocals. If comparisons were needed, it’s like an Australian version of Echo and the Bunnymen mixed with the bleakness of Joy Division. Singer Joe Wilks says of the track:

This new sound seemed to mimic some of the mindscapes I felt during the trip away; being in a foreign place for the first time without parents or any real anchor to remind you of a life with structure and routine. It was Berlin particularly that came to mind when I listened to the song because it was a city that seemed to run itself and didn’t feel the need to cater for tourists, it was unforgiving yet with a lot of integrity to it.

There is certainly a distant alien soundscape captured in the song’s architecture.

Second track ‘Marine’ brings to the fore the vocal interplay between male and female voices and is a more reflective, haunting piece. According to the band, the track:

represents shedding the physical and mental constraints of High School and all that comes with it and being thrust into a new reality that makes you feel like you’re closer to the source of life. The song isn’t limited to the idea of leaving school, that state of mind is also applicable to forming or breaking relationships, going through a period of self-discovery, or any period where you feel like you’ve shaken up the snow globe that is your mind and are open to anything and full of energy to get out there.

The same arcing and sparkling guitars feature strongly.

This is an impressive double release from a band that portends great things. You can download/stream the singles here.

The five track EP will be released early in the new year and the band will be launching their single on Thursday 12 November 2020 at Waywards in Newtown, Sydney – full details here.

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