Track: Touch Sensitive – Pizza Guy / Show Me

You might recognise the title of the song Pizza Guy. Released by Touch Sensitive aka multi-instrumentalist / producer / synth freak Michael Di Francesco back in 2013 in his native Australia  -the track became the 3rd most played track on Triple J (the countries no.1 radio station) and has currently racked up over 2 million plays on Soundcloud. It’s finally about to hit the UK in a release through the Future Classic label on 26th July, backed by another original track, Show Me.

Pizza Guy opens with these gently pulsating analogue synths, as these chords underneath stay static, like a carpet. As it progresses there’s more evidence of that classic 80s sound – the wiry electronic sounds, the warm, plopping bassline as it develops into something that brings the funk to the party, almost Prince style in some ways. There’s these vocals cut ups to die for as over the top the electro sounds cascade and bubble away. Show me is more minimal, certainly at the beginning with this cold synth note that stands over the top of everything, but it soon warms up into something that ebbs and flows and skirts around the edges of the dancefloor.
Brilliant stuff.