Track: Cassia Shine On ‘Find My Way Around’

Cassia return with the vibrant new single ‘Find My Way Around’, the follow up to July’s ‘whatstheuse’, offering another triumphant continuation to their growing catalogue of infectious tunes.

Continuing to evolve while maintaining their signature joyful sonic essence, ‘Find My Way Around’ discuses the complex terrain of change and uncertainty against a vibrant indie-pop backdrop.

Powered by lively, bouncing guitar and bassline offering a vibrant sense of playful artistry under the effortlessly catchy vocal hooks. The track’s soaring chorus, surrounded in vocal harmonies, reinforces the band’s ability to craft commercially viable yet musically intricate sonic tapestry. Showcasing the band’s willingness to evolve while staying true to their joyful roots, the track is set to stylisti, grooving rhythms. 

Speaking about the track, the band explain: “Find My Way Around is about embracing change and reshaping our mindset regularly. I always see it as if our minds are pliable like play-dough, bending and adapting to our surroundings, which sometimes is really hard. When writing the lyrics, it was going through my head about the times I’ve had to reinvent myself. It’s a reminder of the fluid nature of existence to myself, whether it’s redefining my identity or navigating relationships. I think this resonates universally, as most people probably encounter these moments at least a couple of times in their life. It’s a very poignant message for me and I’m really proud of it”

Following a string of dates supporting Bastille and coverage across tastemaker press and radio, Cassia have truly solidified themselves as one to watch. 

A great addition to the band’s growing catalogue, the new single ‘Find My Way’ is out now. 

Listen below:

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