Track: Terminal Gods -Road of the law

From the dimly lit world of the London underground, Terminal Gods return to the fray with ‘Road Of The Law’. An explosion of synthetics and raucous, full on trash guitars, perfectly accompanies the austere, baritone vocals of their lead singer. Caught somewhere between 70’s pomp and ceremony and the dark, alternative 80’s, The Gods don’t just acknowledge, they fully embrace their influences to create an incendiary, machine driven onslaught.

“We wanted to recreate the TG live experience, complete with all the dynamics, drama, and air of a live show. We did this by rejecting some modern production tricks, such as brick-wall compression and quantising, whilst making full use of mic techniques and in-studio effects. The aim was to emulate older, analogue style recording practices to get the beautifully flawed feel of some of our favourite old punk singles”.

This is after-hours rock’n’roll from the sleazy part of town.

Road Of The Law, b/w Movement, out Oct 16th via Heavy Leather Promotions

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