Track: Nations of the Soul – To the Loved Ones

Born in France, but now resident in Norway, brothers Mikael and Lucas Roussel – aka Nations of the Soul, have supported the likes of Hudson Taylor after scoring second place at Eggstock Festival. Their first single, Dancing Spirit, was picked up and cherished by the press and radio stations in their adopted home, and they’ve followed that up with a new single ‘To the Loved Ones’, which is out now.

The picked guitar lines at the beginning of ‘To the loved ones’ is quite magical, twinkling as it goes, in keeping with its decidedly folky roots. Over the top, the vocal is assured but emotive, distinctive in its langid but slightly pained delivery. As the track flowers, so the guitar is joined by strings and glockenspiel (the very essence of modern folk pop, surely) and a slithering drum pattern that just pokes things gently forward.

Check it out, here

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