Track: Indonesian Soul/Funk Collective, Lair, Share New Single ‘Tatalu’

Deby Sucha

Lair (pronounced “lah-eer,” a local dialect for the Indonesian word of ‘lahir’, meaning ‘birth’ or, roughly ‘being born’) is a Panturan-soul/funk outfit hailing from Jatiwangi, West Java, Indonesia. They are set to release their new album titled ‘Ngélar’ on the 23rd of February via Guruguru Brain. The first track from the record, “Tatalu” is online today.

Groove laden, guitar led brilliance from Indonesia which is dripping in eastern flavours with a straight up rock bite. The whooping vocals and hypnotic passages are what grabs hold and you cannot help but be whipped up with their eastern tinged funk.

Check it out, here

Pre order the album here

‘Ngélar’ track list & translations:
1. Tatalu (⁠The Prelude/The Offering);
2. Pesta Rakyat Pabrik Gula (People’s Revelry for the Sugar Factory);
3. Tanah Bertuah (⁠Prospers of the Land);
4. Hareeng (⁠In Delirium);
5. Boa-Boa (⁠Perhaps);
6. Bangkai Belantara (⁠The Ruins of the Forest);
7. Kawin Tebu (⁠Mingling of the Noble Cane);
8. Setan Dolbon (⁠The Demon, Dolbon);
9. Gelombang Pemecah Malam (⁠Ripples of the Night);
10. Mencari Selamat (⁠Seeking for Land of Salvation)

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