News: Edsel to Reissue five Comsat Angels albums with extras

Sheffield quartet The Comsat Angels were perhaps always the bridesmaids, never the brides. Whether it was that their brand of Post-Punk was always that little to bleak, and the angst contained within was a little to heartbreaking for the wider public, that instead latched onto the likes of U2, the Bunnymen and The Teardrop Explodes I don’t know, but since their demise (initially in 1995) they’ve been credited as an influence on the music of the likes of Blacklist, Bell Hollow, Editors and Interpol.

Out on November 20th via Edsel are 2CD deluxe versions of the band’s first three albums, ‘Waiting For A Miracle’, ‘Sleep No More’ and ‘Fiction’. They’ve been remastered and expanded with non-LP singles, demos, BBC radio session tracks plus accompanying booklets with rare photos, memorabilia and detailed liner notes. Also coming out for the first time since its original release is Chasing Shadows, which has been paired with the little known Fire on the Moon, which was recorded under the moniker of Dream Command, and only ever released in the U.S. and Netherlands.

They’ve had far too long as bridesmaids. It’s their time now.

The Comsat Angels are Stephen Fellows (guitar, vocals); Mik Glaisher (drums) ; Kevin Bacon (bass) and Andy Peake (keyboards).

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