Track: Graces – Hepburn

Graces is Steve Harrison, frontman of Cumbrian alt. rock band Over and Out. Since moving to London he’s branched out into new musical pastures, specifically electro-indie project Graces. He’s taken elements of post-rock and swathed it in synths and atmospherics. The first glimpse of this comes in the shape of a single, Hepburn, out on November 13th.

Opening with these warm electro chords that drift peacefully along, Hepburn gradually unfurls, these guitar lines and drum beats superseding the static accompaniment as Harrison adds his vocal, swathed in harmonies and insistent in its delivery, the song has a almost nervous beauty about it, as it ebbs and flows as it goes. Essentially though, its all based on an emotion driven pop song.

Its rather wonderful stuff.

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