Say Psych: Playlist 23/2016

These days it seems almost impossible to keep up with all the releases that are coming out constantly during the year. One of the reasons I started doing these playlists was to try and keep up a bit more with what’s out there. This week’s Psych Insight playlist is made up from fifteen tracks from albums whose release I have only really now got my head round as fellow psych-heads start to talk about their favourite releases of the year. There are some absolutely amazing albums represented here, hope you enjoy catching up with them as much as I did.


Bilspil by Måneskjold

This is rapidly becoming one of my favourite tracks of the year, heavy and with a real punk drive to it. The album, Kometen Kommer, was out in July and Måneskjold totally passed me by. Well worth checking the band out here.


Quetzlcoatl by Henryspenncer

Fantastic from from ‘Hypnosis Gumbo’, a great heavy stoner psych album from Henryspenncer. Previously ostensibly a solo project this is full-blown band, based in Washington, Virginia. Available from Robotic Empire Records here.


Perfumed Garden by Fungal Abyss

If there was a link between the majority of the track here it would probably be all about improvisation. Here Fungal Abyss stretch two track out to over twenty minutes each, to amazing effect. North American buyers can get the album from the band’s Bandcamp here, elsewhere its Adansonia Records.


Ophidian Rising by Mythic Sunship

A real find this one, no idea how I missed this El Paraiso release. It’s a great rock record that just lets rip and keeps on giving amidst free-jazz like improvisations. For more on Mythic Sunship check out their Facebook page.


Flutter by Ghost Box Orchestra

This one came out when I had a review list that was very long, and I just never got round to it; despite the fact it came out on one of my favourite labels, Evil Hoodoo. Well worth checking out, five piece Bostonians Ghost Box Orchestra play an exciting form of heavy psych with a tinge of shoegaze. Copies of the album still available at the above links at time of writing.


Res Dashen by Vespero

Russian seven-piece Vespero have produced a really funky album of wonderful improvisations that in many ways defied description. This genre hopping/ defying album is great to sink back and listen, away from my usual full-on fuzz recommendations. Check them out on R.A.I.G. Records.


Raketens vandring över himlen by Kungens Män

Some great improvisations on this Stockholm Maraton album by that city’s Kugens Män; who have been going in their current form since 2012. Released on vinyl Adansonia Records. CD and download available for the band’s Bandcamp page here.


Space Scum by Maat Lander

Maat Lander describes itself as an artistic collaboration, featuring a couple of members of Vespero (see above). Hailing from Moscow, Maat Lander have produced a great and eclectic album ‘Dissolved in the Universe’; released by Clostridium Records in multiple vinyl formats.


Diablo by Mt. Mountain

From the album Cosmos Terros, this is an amazing track from an album that manages to be both laid back and heavy. Well worth checking out this Australian band, the full album is steaming on their bandcamp page here.


Hive by Farflung

This track is a total banger from a great album, on Heavy Psych Sounds. Released back in May I wish I’d been on board with this earlier as I’m just loving it.


Des Pharahos Tochter Haus by Vocokesh

Released by Germany’s Pure Pop For Now People (PPFNP) Records, this is a great album from the Wisconsin-based trio who’ve been going for more than more than 25 years.



Crumbling Darkness by Cosmic Ground

The third of three albums from Adansonia Records on this playlist…what a find. Some amazing atmospheric space music here, but with a real Berlin electronic feel to it too. Great combination by multi instrumentalist Dark Jan Müller. Check out the other albums at the Cosmic Ground bandcamp here, where you can get CDs and downloads..


HS04 by One Unique Symbol 

Really interesting release from Fuzz Club. I loved the previous One Unique Signal album, Aether, and this one had an intriguing concept as the band worked with over 20 other musicians to work around a riff from that came out of the Aether session. The results are great.


In The Beginning of Time by Our Solar System

Bit of a strange one this. I listened to this album quite a lot earlier in the year and it it somehow disappeared off my radar. I’m really happy to have rediscovered it now because it is brilliant. Elements of jazz and space rock combine in a thrilling and convincing way. Great release from Our Solar System on Beyond Beyond is Beyond.


Ode To A Black Hole (Part 1) by Øresund Space Collective

Talking of darkly atmospheric space music, the latest release from Øresund Space Collective is also a joy to experience. Just sit back and let it wash through you, sublime. Released on Sapphire Records.


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