The Clash tribute band and quite frankly, the only band that matters – The Clashed, managed to pack out the old Theatre in Stockton just prior to the lockdown that disrupted the venues live music plans.

The Clashed have been around almost as long as The Clash themselves. They provide all the angst and riot a fan like me missed out on due to being born too late. The theatre was packed with a mixture of old and young punks all up for a foot stomping, arm waving shout at the man.

Tracks like Should I Stay, White Riot, Garageland, What’s My Name and other Clash staples delighted the crowd but it was numbers like Straight To Hell, Lost In The Supermarket and English Civil War that got me smiling like an idiot.

If this was the last gig I’d get to see due to this pandemic I wouldn’t want any other band to ring the death knell.