Meet: FreeFall; A Band Long In The Making

Potted History of the Band

“We’ve been together as a band for three months, but our musical journey began long before that. All of us attended school together, and after fifteen years, we decided to form a band.” 

David (lead guitarist/vocalist) and Josh (drummer/vocalist) have been best mates since the age of 12, with Chris joining their close-knit group when he was 15. Over the years, they’ve consistently written music together, and have now finally channelled their collective creativity and passion into creating an album inspired by fifteen years of jamming.

Achievements so far:

  • We had the privilege of playing on BBC Introducing (Wales), where Adam Walton described our music as “an anthem for their community.”
  • Our songs received numerous radio plays within the first few days of release, including BBC Radio Wales Introducing 
  • We experienced a great turnout from our local community in Port Talbot for our music video.
  • Remarkably, we managed to shoot the entire music video in just one day, covering multiple scenes.
  • We’re scheduled to record at the iconic Rockfield Studios next month, a milestone we’re all excited about.
  • Despite being together for a short time, we’ve already built a strong and supportive following.

Who Inspired You to Start Making Music

Our musical influences are as diverse as our backgrounds, spanning various genres including rock, indie, punk, blues, funk, ska, and pop.
David: His main influences include Oasis (with “What’s the Story Morning Glory” being his favourite album), Stereophonics, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Clash, Bob Dylan, and the poet Dylan Thomas. These influences shape his song writing and performance style.
Josh: His favourite song is “Feeling This” by Blink-182. Additionally, he draws inspiration from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which reflects in his energetic drumming and vocal style.

Chris: His favourite album is “Hand. Cannot. Erase.” by Steven Wilson, which he admires for its atmospheric and thought-provoking qualities. Other major influences include Radiohead’s “OK Computer” and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, contributing to his eclectic musical taste.

How Do You Describe Your Sound to Someone Who’s Never Heard You

We create an electrifying fusion of indie, alternative rock, and post-punk. Our music pulsates with upbeat rhythms and high-energy vibes. We craft songs that delve into poignant topics such as social inequality, mental health, job losses, and increased poverty. Through our catchy melodies and memorable lyrics, we sparks conversations and inspire action. Our sound is both reflective and rebellious, aiming to connect with listeners on a deep emotional level while encouraging them to think and act.

Tell Us About Your New Track
Our latest track was released independently. It was recorded at Mwnci Studios and produced by Jethro Chaplin, whose expertise helped us bring our vision to life. The music video, produced by Wolfget Media & Parnell Media, featured a large number of participants from the Port Talbot community, adding an authentic and personal touch to the project. The song addresses pressing issues such as job losses and the cost of living crisis across the UK, with the music video specifically highlighting the struggles and resilience of the Port Talbot community. We’ve received an overwhelming response to the video, which reinforces our commitment to writing songs that highlight real, impactful issues.

Where Can We Get Hold of It

Amazon Music –

Spotify –

Apple Music –

YouTube (Vevo) –
& a range of other streaming providers, 

How Do You Write Your Songs

Our song writing process is quite dynamic and flexible. Sometimes, inspiration strikes during our jam sessions, and a song naturally comes together from there. Other times, David might be at home, relaxing on the sofa with his guitar, when an idea strikes. We don’t adhere to a rigid formula; instead, we let the creative process flow organically, allowing each member’s unique influences and experiences to shape our music.

Tell Us About Your Live Show and Dream Gig

Our live shows are high-energy and emotionally charged, aiming to connect deeply with our audience. We pour our hearts into every performance, ensuring that each show is a memorable experience. Our dream gig would be performing on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival. It’s an iconic venue that holds a special place in the hearts of musicians and fans alike. Playing there would be a pinnacle achievement, fulfilling a lifelong dream for all of us.

What Can We Expect from You in the Near Future

In the near future, you can look forward to the release of our new single, “Heads Under Water,” at the end of August. This song addresses mental health and the passage of life from two perspectives. Following this, we will release our debut EP, “Cuts, Curbs & Candlelight.” The EP will continue to explore real-life issues through our distinctive sound, aiming to inspire and engage our growing audience. We are committed to delivering authentic and impactful music that resonates with listeners and sparks meaningful conversations.

Check out the bands debut single, below:

Find out more via the bands Website or Facebook

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