News: Screaming Maldini bid the music world a final Goodbye

Screaming Maldini have taken us on a journey this year; their #MonthlyMaldiniXII project, a house-party tour, shows in Japan and their phenomenal performance at Tramlines festival have been just a few destinations on their quest through 2014. This band of six have made friends across the globe with their exquisite melodies, intelligent lyrics, and all-round good nature.

But all good journeys have to end.

Screaming Maldini have just announced the end to their musical endeavour, thanking fans for their support and the extraordinary five and a half years the band have been together. It’s not easy starting a band but these guys gave it their all.

Nick, Gina, Annie, Tim, Jonny and Ben have always given a personal touch to their band, reaching out to audiences and making as many friends along the way. They sign their emails with individual names and kisses and they’ve gifted us with a free song every month this year. It’s these sincere gestures that make it so sad the band is now over; I’ve never met a group so kind in their endeavours, and so deserving of more success.

In fact, Screaming Maldini are so good that all of our writers wanted to say a word about them:

“Few bands on the Sheffield scene have had as much impact as Screaming Maldini in recent years; their music brought a fresh edge to the music scene and it’s sad to know that they’re going their separate ways. Listening to their self-titled album as I write this it somehow sounds more glorious than before, knowing that there won’t be another band like them.
The way they constructed and performed their songs was nothing short of incredible and to see them live was always a great experience. Their time on the scene will be remembered for years to come and, even though they’re calling it a day, those that were so greatly affected by their music will always remember them.
For a band that would have been able to do so much more it really is a shame, but what we’ve had is precious. Our signed copies of their self-titled album will always be one of the best in our collections. So, to close this, thank you for giving us something special and we will all miss you. It will always be ‘Summer Somewhere’.” – Alex Brade

“In musical terms, absolutely devastating news. A genuinely great, truly original band whose unique brilliance was probably, ultimately, their downfall. The fact that commercial success eluded them is a damning indictment on the music industry. Broad brush-strokes, perhaps, but it’s a tragic microcosm. Terrific band.” – Peter Anthony

“Life isn’t always fair. If it had been, my insurance company would have paid out more when my first car got written off, I’d have got a first at university, and (more pertinently) Screaming Maldini would have been a lot bigger than they ever were. Purveyors of ambitious, vivid, interesting and deeply melodic pop music, their fingertips were there, holding onto the big time with the frankly brilliant ‘Summer Somewhere’. But despite frantic attempts from those of us who believed, to push them up and over into a place where their music belonged, they just didn’t quite get there and now, sadly, they’ve given up the chase. Instead they left us a brilliant album, a clutch of songs and videos that are ‘must watches’, and memories of gigs, of tunes, of harmonies, or stopping in your tracks at these time changes (oh, how I’ll miss those). Of course, they’ll be other things, there’s far too much talent within Screaming Maldini for that to be the end of the story totally, but for today, my faith in pop music has just died a little.” – Jim Fletcher

To say one final goodbye, Screaming Maldini are playing at Queens Social Club on 5th December 2014. If you do one last thing for this band, make it a sell out. Buy a ticket, see them perform, and thank them for the extraordinary music they’ve given us these last 5 years. It’s the least you can do.

Tickets will be available soon.

“We’re giving our hearts over to you.”

Read their full statement here: Who Knew We Even Had A Tumblr


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