Jade Hairpins share their video for track Dolly Dream taken from their upcoming album Harmony Avenue due May 29th via Merge Records.

As Falco explains, “‘Dolly Dream’ is a song about searching – not necessarily something you lack and have to ‘find,’ but grabbing hold of that ‘something’ you’ve always had. This search finds a connection within solitude, and within the crowd.”

Its a busy piece of summery pop featuring twin guitars and full band vocals weaving through out the track. It doesn’t stand still for second and bounces with an energy that’s addictive and a perfect balm for the present world. Think New Order, Scritti Politti, and Orange Juice and remember the long lost post-punk world before it all went wrong.

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Track Listin

1 J Terrapin 2 (Don’t Break My) Devotion 3 Father Coin 4 Yesterdang 5 Post No Bill 6 Broadstairs Beach 7 Dolly Dream 8 Mary Magazine 9 Truth Like a Mirage 10 Motherman

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