Track: Deerhoof – Damaged Eyes Squinting into the Beautiful Overhot Sun

The band’s latest track continues their string of singles, “Farewell Symphony” and album title track “Future Teenage Cave Artists” included. Their forthcoming album will be released May 29th via Joyful Noise Recordings.

The visceral nature of the track’s title is oh-so similar to the commanding presence of the track’s instrumentation. A repeated, mathy guitar riff begins the song, entrancing in its simplicity, weaving through the other layers of euphoric guitarwork the band lay. A bewitching call and response between the hummingbird vocals of Matsuzaki and oppositely boisterous guitars beckons the listener forth. It is this blend of such seemingly disparate sounds, one of the band’s signatures, which makes this track and their sound so addictive. Besides being recognisably Deerhoof, Damaged Eyes promises their uncompromising, rabbit-hole experimentation, with the exploration into further noise rock, fragmented R&B and whispered three-part harmonies. These harmonies of drummer and vocalist Greg Saunier buoy Matsuzaki’s own beautifully.

The song has an indescribably natural and mesmeric progression, swiftly running from dirge-y intro to sensational vocals, reaching an entirely undesired but fulfilling ending born from the discovery of a demo of guitarist Ed Rodriguez. Said ending “magically appeared and found its home as the beautiful and terrible conclusion of the song. As the earth melts, so too does the song. Greg implores sadly, quoting Bach: “I call on thee.”

Listen to the track here.

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