EP: Hot Nuns – ‘Rude, Dumb and Anxious’

Norwegian power punk rock duo Hot Nuns, featuring members of Blood Command are back with a new EP titled “Rude, Dumb & Anxious”, which was released on May 15th via Loyal Blood Records.

Recorded at SpaceKraft, mixed and mastered by Simon Jackman and with artwork done by Robert Høyem, “Rude, Dumb & Anxious” features four new tracks including a cover of The Boys’ “First Time”.

“The record is four tracks of stripped down punk rock. Its only drums, bass and our vocals. We have a rule that if we can’t play it live we can’t put in on record either. So there is no cheating here. Not trying to be pretentious, but we try to make music the same way Lars Von Trier made Dogville. No fancy extra layers needed to get the story across. The lyrics are mostly about sad losers longing for love except the title track ‘Rude, Dumb & Anxious’ which is about people who will say whatever about stuff they don’t know just to fit in and look good.” Say the band.

Opener Can’t Get Over You sets the scene with blistering riffs and adrenalin soaked punk rock, but it highlights what the band are good at, and that’s writing the sort of drag you along with it chorus’s that sail close to pop-punk territory, whilst still keeping their middle finger firmly up. ‘I love you still, always will‘ follows in similar vein, with an extra serving of angst and anxiety, while The Boys cover First Time will have you dancing/jumping around in [insert wherever you are] in no time.

Best of all though is the title track – not quite as supercharged as the others and the vocals not as hoarse or urgent, instead this slightly dark yet uplifting (yes, that is possible) indie rock.

An EP with 4 tracks of epic power punk at its sublime best, ‘Hot Nuns’ create their very own individual sound, whilst still embedding what came before within their soundscape.

Check out the bands FACEBOOK for details of how to get this EP

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