News: Indie Rock Sensation Mindless Crowd Unveil Cosmic Odyssey with ‘Star Chaser’

Swiss Indie up and comers Mindless Crowd share the new single ‘Star Chaser’. Comprising four close-knit friends who draw inspiration from a diverse blend of 70’s rock, psychedelia, and modern pop rock, the band is known for addressing thought-provoking societal themes while infusing their music with hope and fantasy.

‘Star Chaser’ is a sonic odyssey that invites listeners to transcend the ordinary and explore the boundless possibilities that await them. The track emerged on a starry night, a moment of pure inspiration when the band gazed into the cosmos and envisioned a world beyond the mundane. As an indie rock anthem with a “feel good” vibe, the track invites listeners on a cosmic journey through its vibrant soundscapes.

Speaking about the creation of ‘Star Chaser’, the band members shared, “‘Star Chaser’ has opened a door of wonder. The melody came to us in the middle of a starry night, igniting our desire to transcend the boundaries of our everyday existence. We want this track to be an invitation for the listener to gaze skyward and embark on an adventure filled with unlimited possibilities.”

‘Star Chaser’ serves as a captivating preview of Mindless Crowd’s forthcoming album slated for release in 2024. This track encapsulates the band’s ethos, offering a message of encouragement and inspiration to their ever-growing fanbase.

Reflecting on the song’s meaning, Mindless Crowd offered a profound insight, stating, “Let it go and let your star be your guide.” This message resonates at the core of ‘Star Chaser’, as it delves into the pursuit of one’s inner star – a wellspring of motivation that propels individuals to reach for the stars, even amidst life’s myriad challenges. The track underscores the idea that sometimes, we create our own obstacles, hindering us from achieving our aspirations.

With their signature blend of rock and psychedelic influences, Mindless Crowd continues to captivate audiences worldwide. ‘Star Chaser’ is yet another testament to their musical prowess and dedication to inspiring change through their art.

Listen below:

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