Track: THE HYBRIS Share The Punching New Single ‘The Game Of Cat And Mouse’

A plucking bass riff intertwining with distorted guitar lines, subtle synth pads and punching tightly tune drums adorn, THE HYBRIS new single ‘The Game Of Cat And Mouse’.

Making use once again of their stylistic, intense, urgent vocal delivery and glitching electronics which surround their punk-rock sound, the band deliver a exciting, emotive and yearning sound as the lyrics deliver biting lines about social inequality. As the track progresses through varying sections, the bands ability to capture a unique electronic flair, relatable angst and heavy rock tendencies shines.

The band explain: “This next single is about social disparity and injustice, one of the greatest and ever-growing evils of our time. This song will also be part of our second album, which will be released towards the end of the year.

Intoxicatingly driven, intense, high-octane and gritty, the track is a fine addition to the bands growing catalogue of Alt-rock bangers.

Listen below:

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