With a brand new album ‘Look Alive’, set for release on 29th January 2021, Black Pistol Fire have been releasing singles in preparation. They end the year with the release of Temper Temper

Starting off like some urban funk crossed with some country and western the track really impresses as soon as singer Kevin McKeow opens his mouth. There is no missing the power behind that vocal line. Almost gospel in places, the boy can belt out a tune and is a perfect fit to the blues rock these guys produce. Less is more is a recipe these guys are following and they make great use of that here with a simple structure thats spiced up with some tasty guitar licks and a catchy bass line.

Check out a home made video of the song, here:

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1  Look Alive
2  Pick Your Poison
3  Holdin’ Up
4  Never Enough
5  Wildfire
6  Hope In Hell
7  Black Halo
8  Temper. Temper
9  Level
10  Always On My Mind
11  Beyond The Blue