Track: Thrillhouse – The Tin Man

The enigmatic and slightly mysterious Thrillhouse continue to release fantastically innovative and highly distinctive music from their lair in Brighton. Newest single, ‘The Tin Man’, has a driving, funky pace with a chorus of kids’ voices cheering in the background and a blistering wild saxophone solo. And, of course, ladles full of melody.

This band strongly impresses with their skilled musicianship and songwriting and they have created a uniquely intelligent and danceable sound. ‘The Tin Man’ is the fifth tremendous single from this band in the space of nine months (and I may have even inadvertently missed one along the way) and there has been no dissipation in quality.

But the greatest compliment is that this is a band that sounds like – well – like Thrillhouse. No other comparison can easily be made: they have a sound that is recognisably them. A well-concocted recipe – a dash of seventies funk, a couple of spoonfuls of eighties post-punk bravado all mixed in with a very contemporary swagger – that stands out in a very crowded field.

This is a band that simply deserves a lot more recognition than they are getting. But just don’t try getting a band photo out of them…

Out now, you can stream ‘The Tin Man’ through the link above. Check out their eclectic and very cool list of top ten favourite tracks from our last engagement with the band:

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