Track: Essaie Pas – Retox, plus album news

What happens when you arrive back off a years worth of touring. Well, if your Montreal duo Essaie Pas, aka Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau, it coincided with eviction from their home and, separately, rehearsal space.

Moving to a desolate industrial complex in the height of winter, they pair ran around corridors playing old acid and techno records, but they also recorded a debut album Demain est une autre nuit (Tomorrow Is Another Night), out on DFA Records on February 19th.

“This environment influenced our music,” says Pierre, “The sounds are more clear and open, the production has more depth, on a full frequency range.” Their living conditions on tour were another major influence, “Staying at different people’s places around the world for a whole year accentuates the feeling of being a stranger wherever you go, even in your own town, but also creates a feeling of being part of an international community, opposed to a scene that exists only in one city.”

From the album comes Retox, which bubbles away minimally, these pulsating synth lines laying on top of eachother, referencing the early days of electro, and The Normal in particular. Over the top, Pierre lays down his poetic (french) lines with the minimum of fuss, but the maximum effect.

Check it out, here

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