Interview: Jodie Bryant Talks New Music & ‘Discover Monthly Live’

Jodie Bryant is steadily becoming an authority in new music and building a reputation for breaking artists. Working for BBC Introducing Sussex & Surrey, often taking over hosting duties and even hosting on BBC Radio 1’s Future Pop, Jodie is an experienced radio presenter and a avid champion of new music.

Jodie was responsible for the first radio interviews of artists such as DYLAN, Arlo Parks, Matilda Mann and Priya Ragu, in 2022, she launched her own new music night called ‘Discover Monthly Live’ – a monthly live even in London which showcases some of the most exciting new, independent and unsigned UK artists.

We spoke to Jodie to find more about her, Discover Monthly Live and her journey as a tastemaker:

1. Tell us a bit about Discover Monthly Live, the journey so far and what it’s all about: 

Discover Monthly started as a podcast in lockdown and then when the creative industries and artists all lost money / bookings / support slots / labels – I thought about how I could create a platform for emerging artists to help them gain attention from the industry – all whilst developing my presenting career – so the live event was born! It has been championing new artists for over a year now and helping them get national radio plays, PR and playlisting. 

2. Tell us about the next event:

The May 31st event is the last one for the first part of the year. Since January we’ve had to upgrade the venue and have sold out each event. The 31st will see Sunflower Thieves, Harrison Mayo, Jamie Cooke and Liz Cass perform and sold out faster than any other event so far! 

3. What’s your background? What do you think makes you so passionate about new music?

I have always wanted to work in radio since doing student radio at University! I went to uni in Manchester and was Head of Music for my station – so got sent loads of music for new / up & coming artists and listened to all these demos from people and got a feel of what I thought would be big and what wouldn’t. I ended up interviewing Wolf Alice, Blossoms, Sundara Karma, Bad Sounds and loads more artists that meant I developed a great ear for good new music! 

4. What would be your dream gig line up? 

My dream gig line up … that’s a very difficult question! I love so many different artists and for different reasons. If I’m thinking dream lineup where u would know every word to every song (I love to scream along at any show) I would have to say Miley Cyrus, DYLAN, Lauran Hibberd and GRIFF… I am a proper pop girl. But all these 4 artists I have been a fan of since song number 1 so I guess that’s what is in common with them! 

5. Finally, give us a fun fact about yourself:

Fun fact about me is that I once broke both of my arms at the same time trying to impress my friends by doing a huge run up to a rope swing and then swinging and falling 5ft into a ditch. It was the start of the summer holidays and I my 2 casts were so big that I couldn’t wear normal tops, brush my hair, eat food normally … it was the least cool thing ever …. Hahahah 

Find out more about Jodie and Discover Monthly live here: //

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