TRACK: The Still Brothers – ‘The Deep’: uplifting jazz breaks for yo feet and yo soul

HOXTON’S Lewis Recordings know a little about a mighty fine groove when they hear one.

And the home of artists such as DJ Yoda and Edan has been out there crate-digging again to bring us what promises to be an excellence new venture for your dance muscles and the brain in the shape of The Still Brothers.

The Bros are Andrew LeCoche, of widescreen NYC guitar melodicists Ula Ruth; and Evan Heinze, of seductive 60s’ psych-lite wonders The Shacks.

And they’ve just dropped their first track in the shape of “The Deep”. Inspired by subway preachers, jazz funerals and hip-hop.

“The Deep” comes in straight for your heart on a crisp, upbeat hiphop break, overlaid with a gospel organ melody, yearning and uplifting all at once; a reverend orates: “In the midst … in the midst of trouble / You all know where to go”. As the tune lifts to overtake him, he observes that many of us are throwing up our hands in an act of surrendering. Hey, in these troubled times, maybe we should stand tall. It’s a thought.

Brass breaks through, stings and vamps, and what the hell, totally seizes the decks. Hands aloft, it explores the melody and fades right down to a reverb sax.

You think it’s over, so soon; but it resurges, with a flute trilling for good measure. You’re getting Daisy Age, you’re getting the minister’s soul, you’re getting Big Apple jazz. It’s bloomin’ lovely, that’s what.

Studio wizardry being so their thing, Andrew and Evan talked us through the creation and evolution of “The Deep”: 

“We began this track at our home studio using drum samples, field recordings, and a Korg MS-20 – one of our favourite keyboards. Once we had the first half complete we then relocated to Hive Mind Recording in Brooklyn to track the horn section. 

“Studio owner Billy Aukstik helped us to record the horns, which included Ray Mason on trombone, Anant Pradhan on tenor sax and flute and Billy himself on trumpet.”

As an amuse-bouche for what the pair have to offer, it leaves you hungry for more.

Have a listen to “The Deep” below; and a keep a beady eye on aural developments for these guys at their Lewis Recordings page, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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