Premiere: Fleeting Persuasion ease into the stratosphere with the atmospheric ‘Slipped’.

Working with Tobey Doctor (ex-drummer from Sounds Like Sunset), James Harrison is back in 2023, again under the nom de plume Fleeting Persuasion, and we are overjoyed at being able to bring you an exclusive listen to the new single ‘Slipped’ before its release into the wild on Monday.

Fleeting Persuasion have been on our radar for a while now with their delicious brand of cold cut new wave delights. Previous single ‘Etched’ (reviewed by me here) heralded a new album and ‘Slipped’ adds to the anticipation.

‘Slipped’ eases into the stratosphere with a delicious frisson of jangling guitars coasting above an ambulant bass, a driving percussion and Harrison’s voice an urging, earnest calming oil on a heaving seas. There is very much an early The Cure sparseness and melodic thrust, with a refrigerated edge that sends shivers up the spine.

‘Slipped’ is a studied piece of sonic architecture: a vast cathedral filled with longing and desire with a touch of regret, cleverly captured in a title that gives a conclusion to the warning in the lyrics :

Got too close to the edge
Started to forget
They said we’d slip
Lost your grip

Tobey and Harrison say of the track:

We liked the idea of a sense of space and independence in times of such saturation. ‘Slipped’ was always going to be the next release after ‘Etched’ and we’re very excited to share another track from the album we plan to release soon.

The track is accompanied by a suitably atmospheric video collated from the film ‘Docks of New York’, adding a poignant edge and a graceful majesty to the music with its monochromatic enigmatic scenes:

video Fleeting Persuasion are creating an impressive body of work that is seductive, poised and utterly immersive:

‘Slipped’ is out everywhere on Monday, 20 March but you can have exclusive access through the link above.

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