News: Bandcamp waiving fees again tomorrow – many exclusives

IT’S been one of the more heartening responses to the ruinous effects of the pandemic on our beloved music scene: and once again, Bandcamp is waiving its fees for artists selling out of the platform this Friday, from midnight to midnight Pacific Time (that’s 8am Friday to 8am Saturday, over here).

And artists have responded in kind, with many bands offering special merch and items, in a long, long, heartening list.

Among them are Algiers, who are offering exclusive merchandise with profits going to charities; Anti-, which is passing the label’s cut of profits to artists for the foreseeable; eerie soundtrack supremo John Carpenter, who will be releasing an exclusive coloured vinyl pressing of Hemoglobin, his first new, non-soundtrack music since 2016; British jazz vanguard outfit The Comet is Coming, who have a new tee-shirt; Snapped Ankles, who will be selling a limited edition tee-shirt and 12″, .and Erased Tapes, who will be offering out test pressings. See the full list.

Below the A-list, so many of ours – and your – favourite acts are on Bandcamp. Tomorrow looks like a great day for a virtual dig in the crates.

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