PREMIERE: A.M. Boys set out their stall with the hyperdetailed ‘A.M. Theme’, pencil in debut album for the summer

As introductions go, this is pretty special: no room for clutter, richly melodic, teetering on the verge of explosion to leave the listener wanting more. More is exactly what you’ll get in a few months, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Say hello to A.M. Boys. They’ve been together 8 years and their second album is already done. You likely have the necessary downtime created by the pandemic for that but—whoops, we’re getting ahead of ourselves again.

You’ll find that the duo deserve such a reaction, though. Chris Moore and John Blonde are from Brooklyn and don’t believe in rushing things. They’re not fond of overloading their songs, either. The self-referential ‘A.M. Theme’ gradually builds on itself from skeletal beginnings, a compact four minutes that sets up their forthcoming debut album in a fascinating manner.

Premiering below, and out tomorrow, their opening salvo from Distance Decay is described thus by Blonde: ‘A.M. Theme’ is, for me, the elemental A.M. Boys track. It was the first song we ever wrote, at our first jam session, and also the first song we ever played live. It came to us as soon as we got together on the first day, like it was already orbiting around us and we just needed to plug in. It was an instant spark for the future. I think/hope you can hear us being excited by that sublime moment in the recording. Everything we are as a band is captured in this song.”

We sure can. We’re excited too. You should be. The album’s out on Friday June 3rd and available to preorder. Oh, and it’s also Bandcamp Friday tomorrow, so you know where this is going. Get on it.

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