Track: Sydney’s Down for Tomorrow unveil the anthemic ‘Sentimental’: euphoric dynamism and passion in the one package

Sydney indie punk outfit Down for Tomorrow have released an anthemic rock single ‘Sentimental’. Blessed with celestial choruses and a thundering rock beat, this is an outstanding piece of melodic rock, with a gritty undercurrent and crunchy attack of guitars supporting glorious harmonies and impassioned vocals. The result is something that is quite euphoric.

Singer/guitarist Cody Stebbings says of the track:

I had just finished rehearsal with everyone. On the way home I began to question my own song writing methods and the value behind the lyrical subjects. I felt I was dramatising and overstating everything I wrote about in some strange attempt to overcompensate for a lack of musical and emotional diversity. I said to myself what would later become the hook: ‘when am I ever not sentimental?’ I wrote the song that night, and we workshopped it with Stevie; sensibly crafting the dynamic push and pull, going over the melody until it was true to the theme. The song emphasises the satire in trying not to be so sentimental about the things that should matter.

The accompanying video shows dynamic perfomance shots and the great camaraderie amongst the members behind the scenes: as uplifting and energising as the music.

You can stream the single here. Here’s to more from this exciting band.

Unfortunately, plans for a tour to support the single are in disarray following the reimposition of lockdown across many States in Australia. Thanks COVID and government vaccine ineptitude: you’ve done it again.

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