SEE: Floodlights – ‘Matter Of Time’: garagey Melbourne bite

GUITAR pop from Australia and New Zealand: it’s inarguably a very good thing.

From the 1980s onwards, with bands like The Chills, The Go-Betweens, Straitjacket Fits, The Verlaines – no area of the world has had such a dialogue with that particular brand of British-originating indie six-string action.

And now we’re into a new and vital, fresh wave, with The Goon Sax and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever: to which roll call, ladies and gentleman, we may now be minded to add Melbourne’s Floodlights.

There’s one hard-to-get-hold-of 10” from the end of last year, the Backyard EP, which is, shall be politely say, ker-ching already; and which features the raw, jangly beauty of both the title track and “Nullarbor”

But they’ve been picked up by Australian indie Spunk and today release the single “Matter Of Time”, a sweetly new-wave edged, proper twangy garage riff-fest, lyrically referencing the gap between us and them, an age-old problem – with raw-throated passion and verve. Watch the video below.

Here at Backstreet Mafia, we’ve been lucky enough to live inside the album for weeks now, and we’ve found it a lovely little nugget of politically-addressing, unaffected guitar melodies and bite.

Watch for our review of the album, From A View, in the last days of August. For now, let “Matter of Time” whet your appetite for an album to maybe slide in sideways on your record shelves, next to your passion for the new Italy.

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