TRACK: Lack of Afro – ‘You Could Do Better’: classy South West soul empowerment

WEST COUNTRY boy Adam Gibbons, better known to the funk and groove cognoscenti as Lack of Afro, has today dropped a new single taken from his sixth studio set, I’m Here Now, a genre-hopping and melding excursion through the musics that make his world, our world: soul, funk, rock, disco, hiphop …

The single, “You Could Do Better”, combines the effortless vocal soar of Seattle’s Camilla Recchio, who brings classic soul grace and empowerment to a bittersweet lyric about our protagonist doing better, her love letting her down; before handing over to the rhythmic lyricism of LA’s Wax. 

It’s all set over a classy Stax-ish soul band backing, full of reverb guitar chops and absolute class. It was all put together through a 1970s’ vintage desk, and that shows in its timelessness. And clocking in at 2 minutes 40, it’s over long before you wish it was. 

As a come-hither for the latest Lack of Afro outing, I’m Here Now, which is available here in digital and here in CD and vinyl formats, you couldn’t really ask for more. 

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