Premiere: It’s going to take a ‘Whip Around’ for Life Strike ahead of their second album ‘Peak Dystopia’ – we have an exclusive peak at the new video.

Feature Photograph: Patrick McCabe

Melbourne outfit Life Strike, signed to Stable Label in Australia and Bobo Integral internationally, will be releasing their forthcoming album ‘Peak Dystopia’ this week, and we are honoured to premiere the stunning video for the track ‘Whip Around’, a track which indicates something very special is afoot.

‘Whip Around’ is the purest indie pop imaginable – flecked with a seasoning of melancholy as any good pop song should be, it is a jaunty hyperactive rocket of buoyancy with its anthemic chorus and jangly delivery. Deep in its genes are the traces of the Flying Nun and Brisbane sound – intelligent , visceral and raw finely honed indie pop that is filled with melody and a certain fey stance. I am reminded of The Apartments, The Chills and The Bats in particular – very fine company indeed.

The band enigmatically describes the track as being:

 …a gothic pop song set on a dying planet of sonic desolation. The wounded protagonist is among the few survivors, facing a choice between eventual death or finding an escape. He does a whip around, scavenging for parts to rebuild himself as part-robot, but erasing all his human memories in the process. Warbling low end synths, delayed guitar melodics, peppy drumming and back-and-forth dual vocals make for an addictive and catchy track.

The motorik beat certainly adds to the sci-fi themes, the guitars etching a layered reverberated riff as the catchy chorus projects the song into celestial spheres.

The accompanying video, directed by Patrick McCabe from the band, is a psychedelic melange of day-glo colours and images that move and pulsate with the music – an immersive and restless series of alien scenes and distorted figures that seems to melt with the jet-force blast of the song:

This is brilliant stuff.

The track is out now and available on the album out at the end of the week (14 July) – see the link below:

Feature Photograph: Patrick McCabe

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