Live Review: Opus Kink At Base Camp With Support From Travis Shaw and Undivine Telephone Line

An excitement was built for this gig after having doing some research into Opus Kink. The Brighton band are described as Horn-fueled filth-funk, where punk and jazz combine in grimy circumstance.

The night was a packed affair with three bands on the list. The young rockers Undivine Telephone Line and Northern troubadour Travis Shaw.

After managing to check out UTL’s soundcheck I was surprised how young the guys were and didn’t think much at first. An impression they immediately put right when they took the stage in the UTL uniforms of bright yellow shorts and short checked skirts. Long haired singer, a free spirited guitarist, school boy drummer with a solid rock bassist to complete the line up. They really got into the stride towards the end to the point where I was sad to see them go.

A long time favourite of mine, Travis Shaw, took to the stage in his usual calm casual manner and let the music do the talking. Although Shaw is someone who can entrance with just his voice, tonight he has brought along his full band, violin, bass and drums along with Shaw on guitar. They play a wonderful set of his emotive music that sounds at its best when delivered like tonight with the band.

The confident rabble that are Opus kink fill the stage with the members as well as there sound. The lead singer is a manic even with the small space he had to vibrate about in. His banter and stage presence really caught the eye and camera. His random quips and banter in between songs working so well with the crowd who are very much on his side as he has them eating out his palm. Opus Kink a band that enjoy themselves on stage and really need a big arena or festival to bring their full magic. Tonight however is them at their chaotic best and they own the Base Camp stage.

Check out Opus Kink’s track Wild Bill, below:

Purchase Opus Kink’s music here

Check out Travis Shaw’s track Only Human, below:

Purchase Travis Shaw’s music here

Check out Undivine Telephone Line track Feeling Good, below:

Find music from Undivine Telephone Line here

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